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• Cropping ( Free Service )

For the image you upload onto the Internet, you can crop the image for the best effect and browse the final size you wish to go. If you send us the photo/artwork by post, we suggest you to make a copy and outline the image you need to keep, then we can crop the image to your appointed size. If the size of your cropped area is different with you order size, we will send you the new size close to your requested size via email for your final approval.

• Retouching

All images are checked carefully before printing. If we find there are some minor defects like dots or scratches, we will touch them up for you free of charge. However, some images, especially small photos/artwork cannot be enlarged without loss of quality and image may look unclear, blurry or out of focus

We need to charge for retouching and the cost will be depended on the time we need to spend. We will give you a quotation and ask for your approval before we commence any work.

• Removal

Free date stamp or blemish removal, red eye reduction, but for major removal like people or objects, extra cost will be added depending on the time involved.

• Restoration

Colourisation, creases, tears, scratches, torn or cut-off corners, missing pieces, fading, water damage, etc. We can restore your photo to prime condition then bring these precious reminders of the past back to life blown up onto canvas. Minor touch up will be free of charge, others depend on time involved.

• Conversion

Free for turning colour image to Black and white or Sepia finishing. We charge for spot colour highlighted on Black/white or Sepia finished image.

• Scanning

We charge $15.00 for each image below A4 size. The scanner we use can scan up to 1200 dpi.

Services Charge:
Scanning: $15 per photo/artwork
Proof: $20 per image (proof will be printed on A4 size canvas)
Restoration The cost depends on the time involved.
Retouching: Minor touch up will be free of charge, others depend on time involved
Removal: Free date stamp, blemish removal, red eye reduction
Cropping: Free cropping

Free conversion from color to Black and White or Sepia tone