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Privacy Policy

The customer undertakes that all text, images delivered to worldartgallery.info for inclusion in the artwork will not infringe any copyright,trademark, registered designs or other proprietoral right or any third partyand shall not be defamatory or otherwise render worldartgallery.info open to legal action.

Should worldartgallery.info suffer any financial loss as a result of action taken against them by a third party who has had their rights infringed or has been defamed to customer undertakes to reimburse the amount of such loss to worldartgallery.info, Worldartgallery.info retains the right to refuse any order.

The customer accepts that color differences can occur in any piece of artwork when:

  • It is being view and compared on a computer screen and on printed media.

  • When it is being compared in print form in different types of output media.

The customer also accepts that when an image is enlarged, the quality of the image may be reduced. The customer accepts that they will have no right to reject the artwork on the basis of minor color differences or slight quality reduction.

If a fault is discovered in a finished piece of artwork and this is not due to the way the artwork has been handled, stored, or displayed by the customer, the work will be reproduced and exchanged for the faulty product. Payment refunds will not be made.

Once an order has been placed for bespoke items, and the company has been commenced working on he order, cancellation is not possible.